Faith Fellowship Church
About Us
I just love movie night!
About Our Fellowship
Just as many families have fond memories and traditions, so it is with FFC. Below
are just a few of the traditional events that many in our fellowship look forward to:
Yes, that’s right. Once a year,
usually in the spring, everyone (and
I mean everyone!) gets involved in
our annual rocket launch. Each
person is given a chance to build
his/her own rocket. Then they are
voted on: Best looking, highest
flyer, and most likely to blow up!
After a Sunday service we meet
and (with the help of a model
rocket load) send them flying.
(Sometimes they send us flying, or
running I should say). The
purpose? Fun, fellowship, and to
remind us that when we tap into
God’s power, we too can ascend
to great heights.
Every month or so on a Friday or Saturday
night we have an inspirational movie along with
popcorn and refreshments. It makes for a
great opportunity to get away and enjoy
Christian entertainment and fellowship.
Sometimes we even throw in hot dogs!
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Pastor Roger Jones was born in Tahlequah, but spent most of his adolescent years in west Tulsa.
After high school he joined the US Air Force and on a fateful night on November 21, 1979, he gave his
heart and life to Jesus Christ. Growing in the Lord while under the teaching ministry of Sam and
Jeanne Mayo and planning on making the Air Force his career, he reenlisted and was transferred to
Dyess AFB in Abilene, Texas. While praying for a Friday night Bible study he was teaching, the Lord
spoke to him and said, “Get out of the Air Force, go to Tahlequah, and continue your Grandmother’s
work.” (Brother Roger’s grandmother, Geneva Cobb, was Pastor of Revival Tabernacle for over three
decades in Tahlequah in the 1960s-1980s). Weeping at the call of God, he replied, “But Lord, I was
planning on staying in the Air Force.” GO. “But Lord, what will my wife think?” GO. “But Lord, who am
I? GO. “Yes, Lord, I’ll go.” After arriving in Tahlequah, Brother Roger was involved in Youth and
Children’s ministry and Pastored other fellowships before becoming the Pastor of FFC.
About Our Pastor
Rocket Launch
Camp Lutherhoma Retreat
This is such an awesome 24 hour event
that we even have former FFC members
who have moved to other cities come
back for this weekend. It starts Friday
night at Camp Lutherhoma east of town.
After grilled burgers we have a powerful
praise and worship time, followed by a
sermon based upon the theme of the
weekend. Saturday morning, following
breakfast, we have volleyball, scavenger
hunt, and swimming in their amazing
in-ground pool. These events are split up
with cell group time as we explore what
God tells us about the theme of the
weekend. There is so much more that
could be said, but you just have to
experience it for yourself.