Series Sermons

The following series sermons were recorded live at
Faith Fellowship Church
Tahlequah, OK


A Supernatural World View Pt 1.mp3
A Supernatural World View Pt 2.mp3
Countdown to Christmas 1-The Greatness of Jesus.mp3
Countdown to Christmas 2-Joy.mp3
Countdown to Christmas 3-Looking for Jesus.mp3
Countdown to Christmas 4-The Purpose of His Coming.mp3
Days of Awe - Faith.mp3
Days of Awe - Hope.mp3
Days of Awe - Love.mp3
Prison Perspectives 1 - My Thoughts & Attitude.mp3
Prison Perspectives 2 - The Power of Intercession.mp3
Prison Perspectives 3 - Singing in the Midnight Hour.mp3
Prison Perspectives 4 - Blessed and Not Offended .mp3
Prophecy - Numbers - The God of Order.mp3
Prophecy - Update 2014-01-12.mp3
Prophecy - Update 2014-09-07.mp3
Prophecy - Update 2015-01-01.mp3
Rebellion Part 1.mp3
Rebellion Part 2.mp3
Rebellion Part 3.mp3
Repentance 1.mp3
Repentance 2.mp3
Repentance 3.mp3
Sermon on the Mount Part 1.mp3
Sermon on the Mount Part 2.mp3
Sermon on the Mount Part 3.mp3
The Attributes of God 1- Justice and Mercy.mp3
The Attributes of God 2 -Wisdom, Infinitude, Sovereignty and Holiness.mp3
The Attributes of God 3 -Faithfulness.mp3
The Attributes of God 4 -Trinity and Love.mp3
The Attributes of God 5 -Father.mp3
The Attributes of God 6 -Grace.mp3
The Attributes of God 7 -Savior and Keeper.mp3